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Push past your comfort zone and develop new skills and strategies to overcome obstacles that impede your progress. 


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A full-service personal and spiritual development firm. Christmas Miller has been providing teaching, consultations, and coaching for over 20 years.

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One of the many benefits of our courses is being taught by an experienced and expert instructor with a wealth of knowledge.

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Our goal is to help you succeed! We help you harness your potential and positively enhance your life, to create well-being.

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What sets us apart is the quality of our courses and services, the personalized teaching approach, and attention in our live programs.

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Our skills and experience provide a unique approach to providing high-quality personal services and offerings for you.

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Unmask Your Potential Shadow Work

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The Art of Living Workshop

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Spiritual & Psychic Development Intensive

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Advanced Psychic Development Intensive

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See What People Are Saying

I got exactly what I was looking for out of this course; to develop my intuition and advance my spiritual knowledge. I learned a lot from this class and what surprised me was how deeply science ties in with spirituality. The course had an open, warm, and friendly environment, and everyone was encouraged to speak their mind. Christmas was knowledgeable in her craft and taught in a way that simplified complex theories and concepts. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to open themselves up and grow spiritually.

GiGi M.

Christmas is someone who I can trust. She is professional, prompt, truthful, and nonjudgmental. She gave me direction based on my agreement to do the required work. For those ready to grow, I highly recommend her coaching service.

Sandra M.

I enjoyed everything about the course!

Solomon N.

Christmas is a master of her craft; I felt so comfortable and at ease discussing issues with her. Because of the authenticity of the energy, I was open enough to accept what I needed to change in my life and understand I had options for what I choose to create!

Shauntelle T.

Christmas’ Psychic Development course for beginners is excellent for those wanting to learn more about the spiritual realm and their spiritual gifts. Her way of teaching is patient, motivating, encouraging, and relatable. Being someone that has been immersed in the study of Metaphysics for a lifetime and has been studying since I was a teen, I still learned a lot of information I wasn’t formally aware of until our class. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to take this class, grow in my spiritual awareness and gifts, and trust in my spiritual power. This was a phenomenal class that I already miss taking, but I look forward to taking the Advanced Psychic Development class and any others Christmas might offer in the future.

Bridgette S.

I am truly grateful for Christmas; her wisdom, knowledge, compassion, patience, honesty, and openness are exactly what I needed. She always maintained focus on her students. Prior to this class, I heavily doubted myself; I doubted my abilities and my strengths. After increasing my knowledge and having her guidance on my techniques, my confidence is at an all-time high, not just from a spiritual aspect but in other areas of my life where I struggled to gain balance and clarity. I am finally feeling that I have a purpose, and I am on the right path to fulfilling my purpose. This course is worth the investment. The time, energy, and effort that I put into this course to come out a better person are priceless!

Nadiyah M.

What can I say; Christmas is amazing! Her gift aside, she is kind, caring, understanding, and tells it like it is with kindness, which I needed on more than one occasion. She’s helped me through a lot, and I am forever grateful to her!

Alex J.

Christmas is an extremely accurate, no nonsense intuitive. …. I recommend her enthusiastically and without reservation!

Dr. Tanya J.

I would recommend Christmas because of her insight and ability to see into her clients’ issues. The way she assists us in observing ourselves positively and without judgment is to be applauded and shared.

Anthony G.

This course is a CONFIDENCE BOOSTER! I am more spiritually aware, and my intuitive nature has increased GREATLY! I now trust my intuition greatlyI feel freer with my spiritual awakening and less stressed now that I know I have the tools I need since birth. I would definitely recommend this course to my friends who are seeking more spiritual awakening tools, direction, and guidance. I thoroughly enjoyed this class 100%! I look forward to the next one.

Ari J.