The 6-Week Advanced

Pyschic Development Intensive Program

APDI continues the expansion of spiritual knowledge, awareness, and psychic development training from its 12-week beginner’s program. The APDI Intensive provides an environment to help students learn how to fine-tune and expand their use of extrasensory perceptions and expressions. Students will enjoy hands-on exercises and training under the direct guidance of the course facilitator, further developing their natural skills with confidence and accuracy.

Ready To Level Up?

This program is for you … if:

  • You’ve taken the 12-Week Spiritual & Psychic Development Intensive and ready to expand your skills
  • You feel you are prepared to dive into an advanced program now and don’t need the basics
  • You’re ready to level up with guidance and training on fine-tuning your extrasensory perceptions and expressions
  • You want to learn how to manage and control energy connections without being overwhelmed or drained
  • You want to learn how to separate and manage your energy when connecting with other energy fields
  • You want to learn how to deliver complex, intuitive information ethically and effectively
  • You want to level up your extrasensory perception and expressions

What You’ll Be Doing

A Live Training and Continuation of Honing Skills on The Following:

Practicing the fundamentals of psychic and spiritual development in your daily life experiences

Discerning and identifying your source of information when communicating with non-physical consciousness
Expanding your skills in sensing and obtaining targeted information from the Human Energy Field
Setting intentions and learning how to apply instant protection, clearing, and discernment
Effectively closing communication connections safely and detaching etheric cords connections
Effective and efficient connection methods to cosmic wisdom and other higher forms of consciousness.
Channeling and evidential mediumship connections and obtaining details of the deceased

Best Practices for obtaining accurate details and clues for the timing of events, and management of your energy

Retrocognition and discernment of past lives, past events, and ethical delivery of sensitive information

What Others Are Saying


This course is a CONFIDENCE BOOSTER! I am more spiritually aware, and my intuitive nature has increased GREATLY! I now trust my intuition more. I feel freer with my spiritual awakening and less stressed now that I know I have the tools I need. I would definitely recommend this course to my friends who are seeking more spiritual awakening tools, direction, and guidance. I thoroughly enjoyed this class 100%! Look forward to the next one.

Ari Long

After taking the psychic development course, I now have the courage to move forward and trust my intuition. I gained so much clarity and insightful information to assist me on my journey. Words can’t express how much the class has made a difference in my life!

Rea S.

“I enjoyed everything about the course!”

Solomon N.

I got exactly what I was looking for out of this course; to develop my intuition and advance my spiritual knowledge. I learned a lot from this class and what surprised me was how deeply science ties in with spirituality. “

GiGi M.

“I am truly grateful for Christmas; her wisdom, knowledge, compassion, patience, honesty, and openness are exactly what I needed. She always maintained focus on her students. Before this class, I heavily doubted myself; I doubted my abilities and my strengths. After increasing my knowledge and having her guidance on my techniques, my confidence is at an all-time high, not just from a spiritual aspect but in other areas of my life where I struggled to gain balance and clarity. I finally feel that I have a purpose, and on the right path to fulfilling my purpose. This course is worth the investment. The time, energy, and effort that I put into this course to become a better person are priceless!”

Nadiyah M.

“Christmas’ Psychic Development course for beginners is excellent for those wanting to learn more about the spiritual realm and their spiritual gifts. Her way of teaching is patient, motivating, encouraging, and relatable. Being someone that has been immersed in the study of Metaphysics for a lifetime and has been studying since I was a teen, I still learned a lot of information I wasn’t formally aware of until our class. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to take this class, grow in my spiritual awareness and gifts, and trust in my spiritual power. This was a phenomenal class that I already miss taking, but I look forward to taking the Advanced Psychic Development class and any others Christmas might offer in the future.

Bridgette S.


– Designed to Expand, Evolve and Thrive –

– Capable of Creating Your Hearts Desire –

– An Extension of the Source of All Creation –

– Connected to Infinite Wisdom and Knowledge –

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