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(LIVE) Online Workshop Intensive

November 12, 2023 | 10 AM – 4 PM ET


Unmask Your Potential: The Transformative Magic of Shadow Work explores and works with the darker, unconscious aspects of the self. It involves examining and accepting the parts of ourselves that we may have repressed, denied, or avoided due to feelings of shame, guilt, or fear.

In this live workshop, you will explore and uncover hidden beliefs, behaviors, and emotions that may hold you back. And you will learn how to transform negative aspects of your personality into positive traits that align with your values and goals. As a result, you gain greater self-awareness and personal growth.

This workshop empowers you to embrace your authentic self, unleashing your full potential and forging a stronger connection to your true purpose in life.

Live Workshop Content and Materials

  • Access to The Course Portal
  • Access to the Live All-Day Workshop/Webinar
  • Worksheets for Self-Reflection
  • Live Group Activities Facilitated by Instructor (Christmas Miller)
  • Notepad and Pencils (provided by the participant)