Elevate Insight Mentorship Program (SageFroots)


Elevate Insight Mentorship Program: A 6-week transformative journey designed for all levels to deepen spiritual connections, receive personalized guidance, and enhance psychic abilities for personal and professional growth.

Unlock your psychic potential with the Elevate Insight Mentorship Program. This 6-week transformative journey blends self-paced learning with interactive live sessions, expertly designed to cater to both beginners and seasoned practitioners. Engage with a supportive community, deepen your spiritual connections, and enhance both personal and professional aspects of your life. Our structured program provides personalized guidance, live Q&As, and practical exercises to help you achieve profound personal growth and psychic mastery. Whether you’re looking to expand your abilities or integrate psychic insights into daily life, Elevate Insight is your gateway to a more enlightened self.

*SageFroots Members enjoy the Early Bird $50 savings and an additional 15% off as a member.


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